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The Supporting Survivors of Sudan War (SSSW) project aims to address the urgent needs of individuals affected by conflicts in Sudan, offering relief, medical care, education, and psychological support. With a focus on regions heavily impacted by displacement, the project seeks to alleviate suffering and contribute to long-term stability. Key components include emergency aid distribution, medical and psychological support, educational programs, and awareness campaigns. The implementation plan involves needs assessment, partnerships with NGOs and professionals, resource mobilization, logistics planning, and monitoring and evaluation.


War has devasted effects on the education of children. During the war most of the students had their learning disrupted or suspended. The dropout students are at risk of violence, abuse and exploitation, trafficking, and recruitment into armed groups. Girls are more vulnerable to sexual and GBV. SSAW will assist students who find themselves lacking school materials such as books, pens, pencils, notebooks, the internet, etc to continue their studying. The purpose of the organization is to provide humanitarian and social support to survivors of wars and individuals affected by natural disasters in Africa and all countries worldwide, aiming to enhance their quality of life.

Information, counselling, and legal assistance

Assisting refugees and asylum seekers arriving in European territories through the Mediterranean by providing basic information and support for social integration.

Expand the scope of work to ensure that aid reaches all countries around the world in need of this support.

Expand the scope of the work to ensure that aid reaches the highest number of refugees arriving in European Union countries and provide the necessary assistance as outlined in paragraph

African Realities

The Support Survivors of African War (SSAW) organization launches the "Exploring African Realities, Building Awareness" project to inform and engage the Italian population, particularly in Lombardy, about African wars, focusing on Sudan. The project includes conferences, photographic exhibitions, cultural events, workshops, collaborations with organizations, informational materials, media campaigns, and impact evaluation. Its vision is to foster understanding and solidarity between Italian and African communities, inspiring collaboration and sustainable support for peace across borders.

Network Building

The Support Survivors of African War (SSAW) organization launches the "Building a Network of Supporters for SSAW's Vision" project to promote peace and support for survivors of African wars, The initiative aims to forge alliances with Italian and international organizations, involving activities like mapping organizations, collaborative meetings, joint projects, resource exchange, awareness campaigns, training sessions, impact assessment, and sustainability efforts. The project envisions uniting forces to amplify SSAW's impact, foster solidarity, and address challenges related to African conflicts collectively.

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