Meet Our Intrepid Rescue Leaders

Our team, comprising Sudanese individuals, has come together with a unified purpose: to initiate change and provide aid where it is most needed. Our journey began with the establishment of the SSSW project and evolved into the creation of SSAW, an organization dedicated to supporting survivors of African wars, with Sudan as our primary focus and launching point.

At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to action. We recognize Sudan as the starting point for our efforts, given the urgent humanitarian crisis unfolding there. Our projects are not merely conceptual; they are active initiatives designed to make a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by conflict.

As we expand our reach beyond Sudan, our vision encompasses other countries across Africa grappling with similar challenges. We are committed to extending our support and solidarity to communities facing the devastating consequences of war and displacement.

While our focus is global in scope, our impact is felt locally in Italy, where we work tirelessly to assist refugees, women, children, and other vulnerable groups. Through our grassroots efforts, we aim to provide essential services, offer refuge, and empower those in need within our immediate community.

Our team is driven by compassion, resilience, and a shared belief in the power of collective action. Together, we strive to be a beacon of hope, bridging gaps, and building bridges between those who have been affected by conflict and those who seek to offer assistance and support.

Abdelrazeg Abbas Ismail Mohamed

chemist engineer, master app developer, one year experience of communication intermediary UPO, two years coordinator of the novara project SSF ,and two years with DDR, co-Founder of SSAW ONG.

Aliaa Musa

Versatile professional with skills in web and graphic design, marketing, IT support, and advertising. Worked on-site in Milan and remotely across diverse locations. Co-Founder of SSAW NGO, demonstrating a commitment to social causes. Dynamic, adaptable, and dedicated to making a positive impact.

Saber Juma Hamed

Saber Juma Hamed is a Bachelor degree holder in sociology and a master degree holder in international relations. 6 years working with NGOs (UNHCR, NRC, and IRC) with expertise in complementary pathways and resettlement process.

Co-Founder of SSAW NGO

Khalid Abaker

IT expert specializing in programming, data analysis, and GIS services. Proficient in creating questionnaires and statistical surveys. expertise in organizing and systematizing schools work with UNICEF, UNHCR, UNAMID, and NGOs. Also, a Co-Founder of SSAW NGO, showcasing commitment to social impact.

Elsiddig Yousif Mohammedzain Hasan

Name: Elsiddig Yousif Mohammedzain Hasan Former Secretary of the Sudanese Association in Torino Former Volunteer at CISV Fraternità Albiano d'Ivrea (TO) Activist in charity and social work Founding member of SSAW organization

Adam Sulaiman

Born in Sudan (Khartoum) on 02/04/1984 address: Via dai Silasci 4, Cisano Boscone, MI (IT) Fiscal code: Nationality: Sudanese

Omar Al-Farouk Mohamed Kamal Eldin Sati

Diploma in Accounting from Al-Imam Al-Mahdi University

Worked for 3 years in petrol stations.

Worked for 6 years in the judicial authority in the Dispatch and Missions Department.

Worked for 2 years in humanitarian work at Al-Qadisiyah Association.

Contact Us

SSAW - Support Survivors of African War NGO

Address: Via Sardegna 3 Vigevano Pv Italy



CEL: 00393510489151


Fiscal Code: 94040590187

IBAN: IT42T0306909606100000402921

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