Building a Network of Supporters for SSAW's Vision

In the pursuit of promoting peace, awareness, and support for survivors of African wars, particularly focusing on Sudan, the Support Survivors of African War (SSAW) organization embarks on a project aimed at "Building a Network of Supporters for SSAW's Vision." The initiative seeks to forge strategic alliances and collaborations with Italian and international organizations that share a common vision.

Project Activities:

Mapping Like-Minded Organizations:

Conducting comprehensive research to identify Italian and international organizations, associations, and NGOs with a vision aligned with SSAW's objectives.

Classifying organizations based on geographical areas of operation, specific expertise, and experience in relevant sectors.

Collaborative Meetings and Conferences:

Organizing collaborative meetings and conferences to establish a platform for dialogue between SSAW and other organizations.

Presenting SSAW's mission, vision, and projects to assess potential synergies and areas of collaboration.

Shared Pilot Projects:

Identifying pilot projects that can be implemented in collaboration with partner organizations, such as refugee support initiatives, joint educational programs, or cultural and artistic projects.

Exchange of Resources and Expertise:

Promoting the exchange of resources and expertise among partner organizations, including sharing educational materials, success stories, and specialized human resources.

Joint Awareness Campaigns:

Developing joint awareness campaigns to amplify the message and engage a wider audience.

Utilizing media channels, social media, and joint events to disseminate information on issues related to wars in Africa.

Joint Training and Capacity Building:

Organizing workshops and joint training sessions to enhance the skills and awareness of the involved organizations.

Creating specific training programs to address challenges related to survivors of wars in Africa.

Impact Assessment:

Implementing a shared monitoring and evaluation system to measure the effectiveness of collaborations and make continuous improvements.


Working towards the creation of a sustainable network of collaborating organizations through long-term agreements, strategic partnerships, and joint efforts to ensure lasting continuity and impact.

Project Vision: This project aims to unite forces with organizations sharing similar visions, amplifying the impact of SSAW's initiatives and promoting a collective response to challenges related to wars in Africa.

In essence, SSAW's "Building a Network of Supporters for SSAW's Vision" project represents a concerted effort to strengthen collaborative ties, foster a sense of solidarity, and create a sustainable network that can collectively address the complex issues arising from conflicts in Africa. Through these strategic alliances, SSAW endeavors to make a more significant and lasting impact on the lives of survivors and contribute to the broader mission of peace and support in the region.

Inclusiveness of the organization

SSAW's organizational structure is designed with inclusivity in mind, ensuring that individuals from all corners of the world can benefit from its initiatives. The organization's versatile projects can be adapted to suit the needs of people in any country, highlighting the global applicability of SSAW's mission. Join us to become part of an empowering and impactful movement that is making a difference worldwide.

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