Empowering Migrants: SSAW's Project for Linguistic and Digital Inclusion in Milan

The Support Survivors of African War (SSAW) organization spearheads the "Linguistic and Digital Inclusion for Migrants: Learning, Growing, Connecting" project, aimed at empowering migrants in Lombardy and Milan. This multifaceted initiative offers tailored language and digital courses, including English, Italian, Arabic, and computer literacy. Collaborative efforts with industry partners ensure practical learning, while robust technological support and individual counseling foster accessibility and personal growth. Cultural events and networking opportunities further promote integration. Continuous evaluation and long-term funding strategies underscore SSAW's commitment to migrant empowerment and community integration. This project epitomizes SSAW's mission to support African war survivors and facilitate their journey towards a new life in Italy.

SSAW's 2024 LINGUISTIC AND DIGITAL TRAINING COURSES Project Financed by UNHCR and INTERSOS under the "Partecipazione" Project

Inclusiveness of the organization

SSAW's organizational structure is designed with inclusivity in mind, ensuring that individuals from all corners of the world can benefit from its initiatives. The organization's versatile projects can be adapted to suit the needs of people in any country, highlighting the global applicability of SSAW's mission. Join us to become part of an empowering and impactful movement that is making a difference worldwide.

Contact Us

SSAW - Support Survivors of African War NGO

Address: Via Sardegna 3 Vigevano Pv Italy

Email: info@ssaworg.com

PEC: infossaworg@pec-legal.it

CEL: 00393510489151

Website: https://ssaworg.com/

Fiscal Code: 94040590187

IBAN: IT42T0306909606100000402921

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