Exploring African Realities, Building Awareness: SSAW's Initiative for Understanding and Solidarity

In a bid to bridge the gap between continents and foster understanding, the Support Survivors of African War (SSAW) organization launches a compelling project titled "Exploring African Realities, Building Awareness." This initiative aims to inform and engage the Italian population, with a specific focus on the Lombardy region, on the wars in Africa, shedding light on the critical situation in Sudan.

Project Components:

Conferences and Seminars:

Organizing conferences and seminars featuring experts, academics, and direct witnesses of African wars, with a specific focus on the Sudanese situation.

Engaging speakers who can provide a comprehensive perspective on the challenges and opportunities for peace and stability in the region.

Photographic Exhibitions and Documentaries:

Curating photographic exhibitions and documentary screenings to visually narrate the reality of wars in Africa and the lives of survivors.

Collaborating with photographers and filmmakers who have documented the situation in Sudan to offer a deeper immersion into the lives of those affected.

Cultural and Gastronomic Events:

Organizing African cultural events to introduce the Italian population to the richness of traditions, music, and African cuisine.

Creating a platform for intercultural dialogue, allowing participants to better understand the diversity and challenges of African communities.

Interactive Workshops:

Conducting interactive workshops to actively engage the audience and encourage active participation in understanding issues related to wars in Africa.

Offering informative sessions on how individuals can contribute to aid and peace in the region.

Collaboration with Associations and Institutions:

Collaborating with non-governmental organizations, institutions, and local associations to ensure broad participation and involvement of diverse communities.

Seeking support from government institutions to amplify the impact and reach of the events.

Informational Material and Online Resources:

Creating informative materials such as pamphlets and brochures for distribution during events and in public spaces.

Developing online resources, including educational videos and downloadable materials, to reach a wider audience and maintain a constant informative presence.

Media and Social Campaign:

Implementing a media campaign through radio, television, print, and social media platforms to amplify the message and engage a broader audience.

Impact Evaluation:

Conducting surveys and gathering feedback during and after events to assess the effectiveness of activities and make improvements.


Seeking funding and sponsorships to ensure the continuity of events and developing long-term partnerships with institutions interested in promoting awareness of African conflicts.

Project's Vision: This project aims not only to inform the Italian population about the realities of wars in Africa but also to build a bridge of understanding and solidarity between Italian and African communities, fostering greater awareness and sustainability.

In essence, SSAW's initiative goes beyond shedding light on the challenges faced by African nations; it seeks to inspire collaboration, empathy, and sustainable support for a better future across borders. Through these multifaceted events, the project strives to create a lasting impact, fostering a sense of shared humanity and encouraging active involvement in the pursuit of peace.

Inclusiveness of the organization

SSAW's organizational structure is designed with inclusivity in mind, ensuring that individuals from all corners of the world can benefit from its initiatives. The organization's versatile projects can be adapted to suit the needs of people in any country, highlighting the global applicability of SSAW's mission. Join us to become part of an empowering and impactful movement that is making a difference worldwide.

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